Woman who killed ‘love of her life’ by running him over with car after row avoids jail

A woman who ran over and killed her partner after an argument has been spared jail.

Grace Ross, 21, struck Joshua Kerr close to the farm where he worked in May 2020.

Moments before the pair had been arguing over the 18-year-old’s finances before Ross got back into the car to drive away.

Her partner of three years was not near the vehicle until she completed a three-point turn when she collided with Kerr travelling at around 2mph.

The collision was enough to knock him backwards where the car’s offside wheels ran over his leg and skull causing a catastrophic brain injury which he did not recover from.

Ross, of Glenrothes, Fife, appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh for sentencing today having earlier pleaded guilty to causing Joshua’s death by careless driving in Leslie, near Glenrothes, Fife.

Lord Braid concluded the circumstances of the collision and its aftermath meant Ross could be dealt with by a community payback order.

Passing sentence, Lord Braid told Ross: “You stopped your car, got out of the vehicle and contacted the emergency services. You administered first aid to Mr Kerr.

“I have read victim impact statements which describe the loss and void which have been left in the lives of Mr Kerr’s family and friends. There is no sentence I can pass which can ever fill that.

“I have also taken into account the remorse that you expressed which I accept is genuine. You are also aged 21 so I must take into account Scottish Sentencing Council Guidelines for people of your age into account.

“I have also taken into account the submissions made by your counsel.

“I have come to the view that there is a suitable alternative to imprisonment. I will impose a community payback order of 300 hours unpaid work which will have to be completed within 18 months.”

At earlier proceedings, prosecutor Gavin Anderson told the court how it was Ross’ “suspicion” the farmhand was hiding things from her.

He added: “She said she was coming to the farm unless he handed over the code to the cash app.”

Ross then turned up around 11am that morning.

It was there she got hold of Joshua’s phone and got back into her Vauxhall Corsa. Ross initially accelerated harshly – her boyfriend was not in front of the vehicle at the time.

She then went on to do a three-point turn on the narrow road and investigators reckon Ross was travelling at just 2.3mph before she then hit the Raith Rovers fan.

Mr Anderson added: “He was struck by the front offside which caused him to fall and then be under the car. Once he was lying on his back, both of the offside wheels went over him.

“One left a tyre tread imprint on his trousers as it passed over his leg. The rear offside wheel ran over his head and caused a significant skull fracture – the injury was incompatible with life.”

A hysterical Ross immediately leapt out the motor screaming and rushed to help the teenager before dialling 999.

Mr Findlay also told the judge that his client had suffered post traumatic stress disorder from seeing her boyfriend die.

He urged Lord Braid not to send Ross to jail saying it was in the public interest for another disposal to be given to her. Lord Braid agreed and ordered Ross to perform 300 hours community service.

He said that he had to take into account sentencing guidelines for people aged under 25 – these state that accused young people should only be sent to prison if no other sentence is available.